The only investment which always pays off is the investment in your dreams! My short but eventful life will never allow me to forget that. I was born on December 10, 1988, in Vilnius. I was a rebellious kid from the very beginning. My parents noticed that and tried to direct me towards the art: they sent me to the music and fine art schools. During the adolescence my rebellion manifested not in the form of art, but rather in the self-destruction and absolute disregard of the behavioral norms. Soon this bold attitude resulted in very serious consequences: at the age of fifteen I had to leave my home country. Emigration became the most serious school of life. I had to learn to work and adapt to changing circumstances, to other cultures, languages and mentalities. I survived many extreme situations, many upswings and frustrations and met a lot of different people. Within a four years I changed six addresses worked various jobs, such as barman, security officer, waiter, packing factory worker, McDonald’s waiter, kitchen porter, porter, cleaner, car washera�� Nevertheless this heavy period of my life gave me invaluable experience. I realised that there are no mistakes, only lessons and everything is in my hands therefore I can choose who I want to be, what I want to do. I redirected my rebellious nature towards fighting vanity, against the dulling of the society and demoralisation. I armed myself with self-education, continuous investment in my mind, spirit and body. Thata��s how the destiny brought me back the world of art.


I didna��t choose a profession, profession chose me! After returning from emigration I wanted to become a firefighter and dedicate my life to boxing. I thought by rescuing people I will redeem my guilt and misdeeds which I have committed during the teenage years. However the unexpected meeting with one of the best Lithuanian cinematographers Algimantas MikutA�nas forced me to change the plans. Algimantas suggested to try acting. I thought that if a person like A. MikutA�nas advices me to try then I should definitely try! I prepared for the entrance exams and was accepted as number one to the film acting studies managed by director Jonas Vaitkus in Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre! Then I realized that acting is my calling which I was looking for more than ten years. I took it up with enthusiasm. From the very beginning I understood that the key to the success at this craft lies in the practice and experience. So from the year one I started to work actively outside the Academy. I’ve tried various areas such as film, theatre, TV series, commercials, etc. Therefore, the day of graduation I not only obtained the bachelors degree in acting but also an impressive CV with more than thirty professional projects.

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Sport in my life

Harmony of body, minds and soul is essential! Sport became my oases where I escape from the routine, relax, receive positive energy and motivation. I enjoyed sports since the childhood (I loved physical education lessons as well as playing hardball and basketball). During the adolescence I began boxing, but after joining the Academy, it became obvious that aesthetic appearance is essential for actor. For that reason I had to changed boxing to fitness and healthy lifestyle. Sport helped me to polish my appearance and develop persistence, power of will, diligence and the ability to pursue the goal unconditionally.


What is the largest place in the World? a�� Ita��s the place for improvement! With this thought I wake up every morning! It keeps me motivated and never allows to rest on my laurels. Currently international cinema and high quality TV series are my main goal, passion and dream. I found a formula for success: dreams + hard work = success. It helped me to materialise majority of my dreams so far and I believe that my current dreams will come true as well.