195cm (6’5)


98kg (220lbs)






Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (LAMT) Bachelor Degree in Acting (Film and Theater)


2017 “Going Vertical” directed by Anton Megiardychev (Modestas Paulauskas) Russia
2017 “Optimisty” directed by Aleksey Popogrebskiy (Emil Figeroa) Russia
2017 “B&B” directed by Joe Ahearne (Alex) United Kingdom
2016 “Night Watchmen” directed by Emilis Velyvis (Vampire) Russia
2016 “Mamon” directed by Vladimir Michalek (Bodyguard) Czech Republic
2015 “V.I.P. Murders” directed by Jaroslav Fuit (Boris) Czech Republic
2015 “Chasing Solace” directed by Eric Fulcher (Jonas) USA, Lithuania
2014 “Vinari” directed by Voitec Moravec (role – Maldavan)
2014 “Pasmerkti III” directed by Saulius Balandis (role – Tyson)
2014 “The Romanovs” directed by Saskia Weisheit (role – Peter the Great)
2014 “Secret Societies” directed by Saskia Weisheit (role – Strong Student)
2014 “Vilė” directed by Linas Mikuta (role – Balys) Short
2014 “Yeti” directed by Neil Rawles (Role – Semion Zolotarev)
2013-2014 “Pasmerkti II” directed by Saulius Balandis (role – Tyson)
2014 “Radviliada” directed by Jonas Trukanas (role – Scout)
2013 “Anna Carenina” directed by Christian Duguay (role – Wounded Soldier)
2013 “Siberian Education” directed by Gabriele Salvatores (role – Shorty)
2013 “Janine” directed by Kęstutis Kuskys (role – Donatas) Short
2012 “6″ directed by Eglė Nes (role – Vladka) Short


2013 “The Undergrowth” directed by Jonas Vaitkus (role – Physical Education Teacher) National Drama Theater of Lithuania
2012 “Christmas at the Ivanovs” directed by Jonas Vaitkus (roles – Nurse; Woodcutter) Russian Drama Theater of Lithuania
2012 “This Child” directed by Viktorija Kuodytė (role – son) National Drama Theater of Lithuania
2012 “An Enemy of people” directed by Jonas Vaitkus (role – Bodyguard) National Drama Theater of Lithuania
2011 “He, who gets slapped” directed by Jonas Vaitkus (role – Alfred Bezano) Russian Drama Theater of Lithuania


2015 “Paco Rabanne OLympia” directed by Alexandre Courtes (role – Greek God)
2014 “Budweiser” directed by Arold (role – Man in the 50’s)
2014 “Lithuanian Vodka” directed by Jonas Trukanas (role – Man) Lithuania
2014 “Tatra Bank” directed by Simon Burrill (role – Man) Chezh Republic, Slovakia
2014 “Morshinskaja water” directed by Alejandro Toledo (role – Boxer) Ukraine
2013 “Stock 84” directed by Mantas Verbiejus (role – Hitman) Lithuania
2012/2013/2014 “Elektromarkt Christmas” directed by Artūras Bukauskas (role – Husband) Lithuania
2013 “Kristall Jewelry” directed by Bartec Cierlica (role – Man) Belarus
2013 “Daim” directed by Magnus Renfors (role – Demon) Sweden, Norway, Denmark
2012 “Djuice – agent 007” directed by Marco Kalantari (role – Secret Agent 007) Ukraine


Singing (bass-baritone), martial arts, fitness, dance, fencing, shooting, drivers license, modeling.