195cm (6a��5)


98kg (220lbs)






Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (LAMT) Bachelor Degree in Acting (Film and Theater)


2017 a�?Going Verticala�? directed by Anton Megiardychev (Modestas Paulauskas) Russia
2017 a�?Optimistya�? directed by Aleksey Popogrebskiy (Emil Figeroa) Russia
2017 a�?B&Ba�? directed by Joe Ahearne (Alex) United Kingdom
2016 a�?Night Watchmena�? directed by Emilis Velyvis (Vampire) Russia
2016 a�?Mamona�? directed by Vladimir Michalek (Bodyguard) Czech Republic
2015 a�?V.I.P. Murdersa�? directed by Jaroslav Fuit (Boris) Czech Republic
2015 a�?Chasing Solacea�? directed by Eric Fulcher (Jonas) USA, Lithuania
2014 a�?Vinaria�? directed by Voitec Moravec (role a�� Maldavan)
2014 a�?Pasmerkti IIIa�? directed by Saulius Balandis (role a�� Tyson)
2014 a�?The Romanovsa�? directed by Saskia Weisheit (role a�� Peter the Great)
2014 a�?Secret Societiesa�? directed by Saskia Weisheit (role – Strong Student)
2014 a�?VilA�a�? directed by Linas Mikuta (role a�� Balys) Short
2014 a�?Yetia�? directed by Neil Rawles (Role a�� Semion Zolotarev)
2013-2014 a�?Pasmerkti IIa�? directed by Saulius Balandis (role a�� Tyson)
2014 a�?Radviliadaa�? directed by Jonas Trukanas (role a�� Scout)
2013 a�?Anna Careninaa�? directed by Christian Duguay (role a�� Wounded Soldier)
2013 a�?Siberian Educationa�? directed by Gabriele Salvatores (role a�� Shorty)
2013 a�?Janinea�? directed by KA�stutis Kuskys (role a�� Donatas) Short
2012 a�?6a�? directed by EglA� Nes (role a�� Vladka) Short


2013 a�?The Undergrowtha�? directed by Jonas Vaitkus (role a�� Physical Education Teacher) National Drama Theater of Lithuania
2012 a�?Christmas at the Ivanovsa�? directed by Jonas Vaitkus (roles a�� Nurse; Woodcutter) Russian Drama Theater of Lithuania
2012 a�?This Childa�? directed by Viktorija KuodytA� (role a�� son) National Drama Theater of Lithuania
2012 a�?An Enemy of peoplea�? directed by Jonas Vaitkus (role – Bodyguard) National Drama Theater of Lithuania
2011 a�?He, who gets slappeda�? directed by Jonas Vaitkus (role a�� Alfred Bezano) Russian Drama Theater of Lithuania


2015 a�?Paco Rabanne OLympiaa�? directed by Alexandre Courtes (role a�� Greek God)
2014 a�?Budweisera�? directed by Arold (role a�� Man in the 50a��s)
2014 a�?Lithuanian Vodkaa�? directed by Jonas Trukanas (role a�� Man) Lithuania
2014 a�?Tatra Banka�? directed by Simon Burrill (role a�� Man) Chezh Republic, Slovakia
2014 a�?Morshinskaja watera�? directed by Alejandro Toledo (role a�� Boxer) Ukraine
2013 a�?Stock 84a�? directed by Mantas Verbiejus (role a�� Hitman) Lithuania
2012/2013/2014 a�?Elektromarkt Christmasa�? directed by ArtA�ras Bukauskas (role a�� Husband) Lithuania
2013 a�?Kristall Jewelrya�? directed by Bartec Cierlica (role a�� Man) Belarus
2013 a�?Daima�? directed by Magnus Renfors (role a�� Demon) Sweden, Norway, Denmark
2012 a�?Djuice a�� agent 007a�? directed by Marco Kalantari (role a�� Secret Agent 007) Ukraine


Singing (bass-baritone), martial arts, fitness, dance, fencing, shooting, drivers license, modeling.